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“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
Wayne Gretzky

You know land development is not for the faint of heart. We do too. We’re ready to tackle any project you’re considering. Where others see problems, we see possibility. Don’t waste time or money on dead-end deals, let us guide the decision-making process. Elevation Land Solutions is a single-source solution provider for developers and builders ready to create the next great place.



Creating Community.
Transforming Lives.


Our Mission

We relentlessly pursue elevating our client’s experience by developing our team members to their full potential while remaining humble in our actions and consistently delivering an elite level of service.

Our Vision

To uncover all that is possible within people and the places we create.

Our Values

Enthusiastically Driven

Run to challenges

Face the uncomfortable

Never settle 

Constantly seek knowledge

We Before Me

Learn from anyone, anywhere
Share others' successes 
Seek and provide honest feedback
Plow horse not show horse 

Live Servant Leadership

Empower each other
Influence through encouragement
Read the room
Look in the mirror not out the window

Character Counts

Return the cart
No drama zone
Broker win-win

Image by Nick Karvounis


adj. – distinct in nature; dissimilar; not ordinary; unusual

Our Culture

Say no to the status quo. We’re different. On purpose.

Land development is a team sport. Every player has to give 100%. What makes the Elevation Land Solutions team distinct is our commitment to client success. If you don’t view us as an extension of your team, we’re not the right consultant for you. Elevation Land Solutions isn’t like other firms – our commitment to and expectations of our employees pushes every team member out of their comfort zone in order to achieve their maximum potential. The refusal to fail must start from within. Engineering tolerance is the permissible variation in measurements deriving from the base measurement. What’s not ordinary about us is our unusually high tolerance to look beyond the base to explore all other possibilities. We continually ask “what if…?”  It’s what separates us from delivering status quo. Tell a client ‘no’? Yes it’s unusual, and yes we are willing to do it. While we’re always looking for the possibilities to seal a deal, we won’t lead clients down a dead-end path.

Our People

Entrepreneurial is the unifying word to describe the people behind the successful projects Elevation Land Solutions delivers. We take an open-minded, creative approach in how we run our firm and how we bring solutions to clients.


Thomas Stroh, PE
Managing Partner


Paul Bretherton, RPLS
Partner, Land Surveying


Jon Unterreiner, PE
President–Houston Region


David Doran, PE, CCM
Partner, Construction Mgmt.


Ryan Wade, PE
Partner, Land Development


Mike Christopher, PE 
Partner, Land Development


Jimmy Dautrich, PE
Partner, Land Development

Walker Burgess, PE
Partner, Land Development

Parker Krause, PE 
Partner, Land Development

Mitch Watkins, PE
Partner, Land Development

Daniela Headshot 2024-2.jpg

Daniela Alldredge, PE
Partner, Development Manager

Grant Headshot 2024_edited.jpg

Grant Boshart, PE
Partner, Development Manager

Aaron Long
Partner, COO

Travis Harrison, PE
Partner, Development Manager

Kevin Vogel, PE, CFM
Partner, H&H Division Manager

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